Monday, August 12, 2013

The reason why i choose Lubuntu

The reason why i choose Lubuntu

Maybe you want to know why i choose lubuntu as an operating system for my laptop? it's because lubuntu can run with minimum hardware specs, basically lubuntu is the lightweight version of ubuntu.

I have a 7 years old laptop which has celeron m 1.8 ghz cpu, via graphics, 1.5 gb ram, and 80 gb hard drive. With these specs it will not work with the latest ubuntu release, that's why i look for alternative.

After a few hours of googling i finally found lubuntu, so i just download the ISO, put it on usb stick, and give it a try. I was surprise with the result, lubuntu works well on my old laptop.

I never had such a smooth experience with other linux distro, and now i can also play HD movie. Before i had windows xp and it cannot play 720p movie smoothly and can barely play 1080p movie.

But with lubuntu i can watch my favorite HD 720p movie without any lag very smooth, and can play HD 1080p movie even though not very smooth (because of the hardware on my laptop).

Here's what i usually do on my laptop :
  • browse the web
  • make program (with c++)
  • make website (php mysql)
  • watch movie
  • play music
  • read pdf file
As you can see i'm not using my laptop to play games because i already have xbox 360 for gaming. And thanks to lubuntu now i can be more productive and focus on my work, lubuntu become my main operating system right now.


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