Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to create Lubuntu usb stick installer

After you have the lubuntu ISO now it's time to make the installer, and for that we're gonna need an usb stick.

We also need software called universal usb installer if you're on windows. But in case you're on linux or mac then you'll need software called unetbootin.

Here's what you need to make Lubuntu usb stick installer:
  • Lubuntu ISO
  • usb stick
  • universal usb installer or unetbootin

Alright since most of people are using windows, i'm gonna do this tutorial on windows using universal usb installer.

step 1

just go ahead run the universal usb installer, and you will see this screen :

just click "I Agree"

step 2

select type of linux you want to make, in this case select lubuntu 13.04 Desktop i386

step 3

click browse and select your lubuntu ISO

step 4

select your usb stick drive letter, make sure you select the correct one because all data on that drive will be erase.

And then click "Create" and wait until the whole process finish. Once the usb installer successfully created now it's time to give it a try, restart your computer and boot from the usb.

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