Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to install Lubuntu 13.04

Alright, today i'm going to show you how to install lubuntu 13.04 on your computer, read my previous post if you don't know what i'm talking about. So here's step by step how to install lubuntu 13.04 :

Step 1

Plug the lubuntu usb stick installer or put lubuntu CD/DVD to your computer and boot from it. Once it's running you will see language selection screen like this :

select whatever language you like, but for me i prefer english.

Step 2

Next you will get two choices "Try Lubuntu without installing" means you run as live usb/CD or "Install Lubuntu" which basically install lubuntu on your hard drive. Because i want to install lubuntu so select option no 2 "Install Lubuntu".

Step 3

Next you need to select language for installation, select english and hit continue.

Step 4

You will see the "Preparing to install Lubuntu" screen, make sure you have at least 4.3 GB available hard drive space, and if you're not connected to internet is okay, just hit continue.

Step 5

Next you will see the "Installation type" screen, if there's no other operating system currently on your computer that you want to keep, then you can select the first option "Erase disk and install lubuntu". This will erase all data on your hard drive and setup everything for lubuntu only.

If you have other operating system on your computer i suggest you choose the second option "Something else", this will allows you to setup partition manually for lubuntu. You need to create two partition one the main partition for mount point / (/ means root), and the other is for swap partition.

If you select "Erase disk and install lubuntu" you can go ahead click "install now". But if you select "Something else" you can create partition for lubuntu manually. Hit "install now" whenever you're ready.

Step 6

You will be taking to "Where are you?" screen which you can select your location. Hit continue when you ready.

Step 7

Next you'll get chance to select your what type of keyboard you're using, me i choose "English (US)"

Step 8

Next you will see the "Who are you?" screen where you can create user for lubuntu. This is very important part because you'll also setup password for the first user, i suggest you remeber it well the password you're enter here, because this password will become your root password.

Step 9

You will arrive at the installation process, there's not much you can do here just wait until the whole thing finish.

Step 10

Once the installation finish, the system will reboot (restart), and you need to remove/unplug the lubuntu usb stick installer or eject the lubuntu CD/DVD if you're  using CD/DVD to install. If you don't do this the system will start the installation again.

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