Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Say hello to Lubuntu 13.04 desktop

So here's what Lubuntu 13.04 desktop look like :

Very nice, clean and simple, unlike ubuntu which comes with GNOME desktop, lubuntu uses desktop called LXDE. Lubuntu also doesn't have the ugly ubuntu's unity shell, thank god!

Lubuntu comes with chromium web browser instead of firefox, but you could install firefox if you want to, no problem. And now i'm going to give you a little tour guide about the LXDE desktop.

Take a look at this :
  1. lubuntu start menu, where you can find most of your program.
  2. file manager/file browser, like windows explorer on windows.
  3. web browser, chromium
  4. a button to make icon of all your window
  5. a button to switch between desktop 1 and desktop 2, each desktop could have different window/program running
  6. volume button, to adjust your speaker volume.
  7. network connection status, show whether you're connected to network or not, the icon above shows that my laptop currently connected to the internet.
  8. the computer's clock
  9. button to shutdown, logout, or restart.

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