Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Software updater on Lubuntu

By default, lubuntu always look for new updates for any installed software on your computer, the software updater will notify you if there are new software updates.

It is recommended that you install the new updates whenever the software updater pop up, because it might contains bug fix for the software that you have now.

The software updater was previously known as update manager, since lubuntu 12.10 the name changed into software updater, to better describe its functions.

The software updater is available from the lubuntu start menu > System Tools > Software Updater, even if you are not open it, software updater will automatically pop-up whenever there is a new updates.

Each updates has its own description, so you can take a look the detail of what's the updates really do for each software package.

You can take a look at the changes, by selecting one of the updates and then click the 'Technical description' drop down on software updater.

If you click the 'Settings...' button, you can see that actually you can disable the software updater notification by selecting 'Never' on 'Automatically check for updates' and 'Notify me of a new Ubuntu version'.

Although, i would not recommend that, but if you think the software updater is annoying, you have the ability to disable it.

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