Monday, February 1, 2016

How to change themes on Lubuntu

A lot of people asking me about how to change theme on lubuntu, so in this article i'm trying to help you guys, in this article i will show you how to change themes on lubuntu.

By default, lubuntu comes with a program for changing themes, it's called LXAppearance, you can find this program from lubuntu start menu > Preferences > Customize Look and Feel.

So basically the LXAppearance is disguise as 'Customize Look and Feel', that's the program you want to use if you want to change themes on lubuntu.

If you open 'Customize Look and Feel' you will see there are already several themes available, by default lubuntu also comes with several themes.

Of course if you want to add more themes, you can do that, all you have to do is create a hidden folder called .themes and copy your new themes to that folder.

The themes you copy to the .themes directory (inside your home directory) will be recognize automatically by 'Customize Look and Feel' a.k.a LXAppearance.

Okay let me show you with an example, let's download a theme from the internet and then try to use it on our lubuntu.

Step by step how to add new themes on lubuntu
  • step 1, open terminal/console/command line, and then create hidden folder called .themes, like this:

  • mkdir ~/.themes

  • step 2, download the theme you want, for example i'm going to use this theme called Adwaita-Mint.
  • step 3, unzip the theme and then copy to .themes folder

  • cd ~/Downloads

    unzip -d ~/.themes/

  • step 4, open lubuntu start menu > Preferences > Customize Look and Feel
  • step 5, on the 'Widget' tab, choose the theme 'Adwaita-Mint'

  • step 6, on the 'Icon Theme' tab, choose 'Adwaita'

  • step 7, click 'Apply' button and then hit 'Close'

If you done it correctly, you should see something difference with your lubuntu desktop. Congratulation you have just setup new theme for your lubuntu, enjoy your new theme.

~ cheers ~

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