Friday, February 5, 2016

How to change VLC media player theme/skin on Lubuntu

The good thing about VLC media player is that you can change the theme or skin of the player, so in this article i will show you how to change theme/skin of VLC media player on lubuntu.

Before we start, if you haven't install VLC yet, please read my other article about how to install VLC media player on lubuntu.

VLC media player themes or skins is stored as .vlt file, so if you are looking for themes/skins for VLC then you need to download the .vlt file somewhere on the web.

So where do i find themes/skins for VLC? a good place to start is the VLC website itself, you can get tons of themes/skins there. 

Step by step how to change theme/skin of VLC media player lubuntu
  • download the theme/skin that you want, for example you can download this theme/skin.
  • open VLC media player and go to Tools > Preferences (or press CTRL + P)
  • select 'Use custom skin' and then browse the theme that you just download (165521-KeepItCleanv1.vlt)
  • click 'Save' button
  • exit VLC media player
  • open VLC media player again

For more convenient of changing themes/skins, you can also copy the .vlt file (VLC theme/skin file) into this location: 


for example i have theme called 165521-KeepItCleanv1.vlt, then here's what i do:

sudo cp 165521-KeepItCleanv1.vlt /usr/share/vlc/skins2/

By doing that, VLC recognize the skins/themes better, you can also switch from one skins to another using right click of your mouse.

~ enjoy ~

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