Tuesday, November 7, 2017

3 Best GUI program for MongoDB

3 Best GUI program for MongoDB

Working with command line can be tough for some people (not me), but there is always a graphical tools that can help. So these are graphical user interface (GUI) program for working with MongoDB, most of these programs are free to use and available for linux.

1. MongoDB compass

MongoDB compass is graphical tool for managing MongoDB database, compass is the official graphical user interface tool because it's made by MongoDB itself. Please check out my tutorial on how to install MongoDB compass on lubuntu if you want to know how to install it.

2. Robo 3T (Robomongo)

Robomongo 3T or Robo 3T is a clean and easy to use graphical user interface for MongoDB database, robomongo is free software that you can use it without paying anything. If you are interested to install robomongo please check out my short tutorial on how to install Robomongo on lubuntu.

3. MongoBooster 

MongoBooster just like the name suggest it is a fast and very responsive graphical user interface (GUI) tool for managing MongoDB database. MongoBooster is all about speed, if you want to try it, checkout my tutorial on how to install MongoBooster on lubuntu.

I use robomongo at work as developer, because in the company where i work, most developer are using it. But to be honest with you i really like mongobooster, i love the speed and the responsiveness of that thing. If you asked me which one should you should get? i dont know...it's up to you.

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