Friday, June 17, 2016

Lubuntu 16.04 crash on the first boot

Two days ago i switch from lubuntu 15.10 wily to lubuntu 16.04 xenial, i did a fresh install from a usb stick, i was shocked that my lubuntu 16.04 just crash on the first time boot, right after the installation finish.

I have been using lubuntu since lubuntu 13.04 and i never had something like this, i never had software crash/error when boot the system for the first time right after installation. So this is a bad thing which should not be happened, specially on a LTS version.

Anyway, what causing the crash/error is the xface4 power manager, i'm not sure if they use xface power manager on the previous version, i don't remember. Correct me if i'm wrong but xface is a different desktop environment right? why lubuntu can't build their own power manager?

I already report/send the detail of the error, so hopefully they can fix it soon on software updates.

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