Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus quick review

Okay, in this article i will do a quick review of the new lubuntu 16.04 xenial xerus, this is the first LTS version of lubuntu/ubuntu since 14.04, LTS stand for 'Long Term Support'.

If you read my previous post, you see that my first impression was not good, i got an error on the first time i boot lubuntu 16.04, which never happened before on any of the previous version since lubuntu 13.04.

What's the different between lubuntu 16.04 from the previous version lubuntu 15.10?

  • The font on the command line and some part of the program are different, they look nicer
  • The wallpaper looks very similar with the one on 15.10, but actually it's different
  • On lubuntu 16.04 when you mount a hard drive or usb stick, it will appear on the desktop as a shortcut
  • The kernel version have been upgraded, lubuntu 16.04 runs on linux kernel 4.4, just like the rest of 16.04 flavors (ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, etc)
  • lubuntu 16.04 no longer support php5, it uses php7 instead
Some program also have been upgraded (compared with lubuntu 15.10), here's list of the program on lubuntu 16.04:
  1. Archive manager version 3.16.4 [same version]
  2. GNOME character map version 3.18.2 [upgraded] 
  3. Disks (gnome-disk-utility) version [upgraded]
  4. PCManFM (file manager) version 1.2.4 [upgraded]
  5. Galculator version 2.1.4 [same version]
  6. GPicView (image viewer) version 0.2.5 [upgraded]
  7. Leafpad (text editor) version [same version]
  8. Xpad version 4.5 [same version]
  9. Document viewer version 3.18.2 [upgraded]
  10. mtPaint version 3.40 [same version]
  11. Simple Scan version 3.20.0 [upgraded]
  12. FireFox web browser version 45.0.2 [upgraded]
  13. Pidgin version 2.10.12 [upgraded]
  14. Sylpheed version 3.5.0 [upgraded]
  15. Transmission version 2.84 [same version]
  16. Abiword version 3.0.1 [same version]
  17. Gnumeric version 1.12.28 [upgraded]
  18. Audacious version 3.6.2 [upgraded]
  19. GNOME MPlayer version 1.0.9 [same version]
  20. Guvcview version 2.0.2 [same version]
  21. Xfburn version 0.5.4 [same version]
  22. LXPanel version 0.8.2 [upgraded]

Final words, i'm not very impress with this new lubuntu 16.04, despite the fact that this is a LTS version, there are so many things that could be better and we all wait for that LXQT desktop.

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