Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to record video on command line

Did you noticed on some of my previous posts, i put videos which display my command line activity, pretty cool isn't it? Do you want to make videos like that too? in this article i will show you how to record video on your lubuntu command line.

If you have a cool command line tricks that you want to share with other people, or you want to teach your grandma some basic command line, why not create a video about it? screencast/ record your command line session.

For recording command line session you can use program called asciinema, with this program you can record anything you type on the command line into a video, upload online and share it through social media or embedded the video to your own blog like i did here.

Asciinema is design to record only for command line/ console/ terminal, it cannot record a graphical application, if you need to do screencast of your entire desktop you can't do it with asciinema, you need other program for that purpose.

How to install asciinema on lubuntu

To install asciinema is quite easy to do, i bet even your grandma can do it, simply install package called 'asciinema', open up your terminal and then run apt-get install asciinema, with sudo of course, otherwise you'll get an error.

sudo apt-get install asciinema

If you are using older version of lubuntu or ubuntu (lubuntu/ubuntu 14.04), it seems that you can't run the command above, you will need to add PPA repo for asciinema and then you can install it.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:zanchey/asciinema
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install asciinema

How to use asciinema on lubuntu

So how to start recording with asciinema? very easy, to record a terminal session, simply run asciinema and then to exit simply type 'exit' or CTRL + D, you will be asked to upload the video online or not, if you say yes you will get the url of the uploaded video.

If you have newer version of asciinema, running the command 'asciinema' will automatically start the recording, but if you have older version, the command is 'asciinema rec'.

asciinema -t [title_of_the_recording]
asciinema -t my-first-recording

If the command above doesn't work for you, try this:
asciinema rec

Other command that you can do with asciinema:
asciinema --help
asciinema -v
asciinema -y
asciinema -c [command]
asciinema auth

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