Thursday, December 14, 2017

List of software that i always have on Lubuntu

List of software that i always have on Lubuntu

Whenever a new version of lubuntu coming up (specially the LTS), i always backup my data and then do fresh install, after that i will install software that very important for me. So basically i have list of software that i always have on lubuntu, these software are essential for me, i use them all the time.

Google Chrome

Even though lubuntu came with mozilla firefox, i always end up using google chrome, it's fast and secure and also for web developer it is easier to debug web app using google chrome because chrome has developer tool built in. I still love firefox though.

VLC media player

VLC media player is my number one choice for playback videos on lubuntu, VLC media player combined with complete package of audio and video codec can give you the best movie experience on your desktop.

Clementine music player

For offline music player i always use clementine, it's my favorite music player, for online music streaming i use spotify though.


I always use GIMP to edit images on lubuntu, what i do with GIMP is just basic editing like cropping an image and put some watermark and optimize the image for web.

Gnome Screenshot

I need Gnome Screenshot because i want to get a screenshot for article on some of my blogs (including this one), Gnome Screenshot can do more than your regular print screen does, you can put timer, capture current window, include pointer in the screenshot and so on.

Sublime text editor

Sublime text editor is my primary weapon for web development, i have been working with other text editor such as PhpStorm, atom, visual studio code, etc, but i always came back to sublime.

AMP stack (Apache web server, MySQL, PHP)

I need this tools for my job as web developer, the AMP stack is always there on every lubuntu that i use.

Nodejs and NPM

I also use NPM and NodeJs for developing web that's based on javascript, this tool is essential for javascript programmer.


Composer is like NPM but for PHP language, it's a very important tool for PHP developer.

MySQL Workbench

When i want to search for query or looking at some data on mysql database, i always use mysql workbench, such a great tool.

Oracle JDK/ Open JDK

Having Oracle or Open JDK is important for me because there are other program that rely on it in order to run.

Android Studio

Besides doing some web development work, sometimes i also develop android application and android studio is my choice for that.


Docker is a fantastic tool for creating local development environment, every web developer should understand how to use it.


As web developer you will need to save your work to remote repository, therefore git command line interface is very important tool.

Those are my essential software on lubuntu, most of them are related to my job as web developer and software developer in general.

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