Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Colorful rainbow command line on Lubuntu

Normally the standard command line on lubuntu is only showing black and white color, but you can have a very colorful rainbow on your command line if you like, this article i'm going to show you how to make your command line colorful just like a rainbow.

First we need to install ruby on our lubuntu, ruby is basically a programming language just like C++, why we need this? because the actual tool that we are going to use is developed using ruby language.

sudo apt-get install ruby

Once installed, we can install the real tool that we are going to use, this tool is called 'lolcat', here's the command to install lolcat on lubuntu using ruby's gem, gem is ruby package manager similar with apt-get i guess.

sudo gem install lolcat

Alright, lolcat is installed and ready to use, to use lolcat, we need to run pipe commmand (|) followed by lolcat (|lolcat), for example:

lolcat -h
ls -la | lolcat
lsb_release -a | lolcat
top | lolcat
df | lolcat
du | lolcat

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