Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to setup email client on Lubuntu

By default, lubuntu comes with email client software called "Sylpheed", you can use this as your main email client, and in this article i will show how to setup email client on lubuntu.

Since lubuntu already comes with email client software, we don't need to install anything to setup email client. We are just going to use Sylpheed right away.

Okay, now i want you to open Sylpheed, click on lubuntu start menu > Internet > Sylpheed.

For the first time, you will be prompted to setup your mailbox setting, don't do anything, just hit ok, to continue.

Next you'll be prompted to setup your email account (New account setup), for this tutorial i'm going to use email from gmail, so i choose POP3 (Gmail).

You can use other email if you want, like yahoo, msn, or email from web hosting, they all should works with Sylpheed email client.

Next you need to enter display name for this email (could be anything, it's up to you), and the email address it self which is

Click 'close' and you will see the main workspace of Sylpheed email client, now click on 'Get' or 'Get all' button, and you need to enter your gmail password.

If nothing goes wrong, Sylpheed will download your mails from google server, and you will receive mails just exactly as the one on your gmail account.

Now you don't have to open web browser and type just to read or write emails, you can do that using Sylpheed, that's what email client is all about.

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