Monday, December 14, 2015

How to install windows program on Lubuntu

Did you know that you can actually install and run windows program/software on lubuntu? If you never heard about it, it's time for you to try, follow this simple tutorial on how to install windows program on lubuntu.

To be able to install and run windows software on lubuntu, we need program that can emulate windows environment, that program is called wine.

So you need to install wine on lubuntu, open terminal/console/command prompt (press CTRL + ALT + T) and then type the following command to install wine.

sudo apt-get install wine

After wine is installed on your lubuntu, you pretty much good to go, you can go ahead run windows application (.exe), or if the program need to be install, you can run the installer.

Basically if you have wine installed, any windows executable file (.exe) can be run either from command line or just double click the file like you are on windows.

But sometimes, the windows executable file (.exe) showing error because you need to give permission to execute first to that file, like for example i have program called setup.exe, so i run this command:

chmod +x setup.exe

And then you can run the program like this:


You can find your installed windows program from the lubuntu start menu > Wine > Programs.

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