Monday, December 7, 2015

How to install Netbeans 8.1 on Lubuntu 15.10

Netbeans is probably one of the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for java that's been around for while, currently the latest version available is netbeans 8.1, and in this article i will show you how to install netbeans 8.1 on lubuntu 15.10 willy werewolf.

Netbeans not only design for java language, but also can be use for other programming language such as C++, PHP, Groovy, and many more. The support for other language on netbeans, is provided through plugin, so it's fully customizable, you can add and remove plugin on netbeans.

Unlike phpstorm and sublime text, netbeans is an open source software, so you can use it without pay for a license, totally free to download and to use. You can download the latest netbeans from netbeans official site.

Alright, let's get to the business, you came here because you want to know how to install netbeans on lubuntu right? so here's the short tutorial on how to install netbeans 8.1 on lubuntu 15.10, you may use different version of netbeans or lubuntu, it doesn't matter.

Step by step how to install netbeans 8.1 on lubuntu 15.10
  • Step 1, install open JDK on your lubuntu, i recommend installing the latest open JDK
  • Step 2, download netbeans 8.1 offline installer from
  • Step 3, open terminal/console/command line, navigate to the netbeans 8.1 installer that you have just download and then type this command:

  • chmod +x

  • Step 4, start the netbeans 8.1 installation wizard by typing this command from the terminal/console/command line:

  • ./

    kernelpanic@kernelpanic-laptop:~$ ./ 
    Configuring the installer...
    Searching for JVM on the system...
    Extracting installation data...
    Running the installer wizard...

  • Step 5, follow the installation wizard until finish 
  • Step 6, congratulation you have just install netbeans on lubuntu.

Once netbeans installed on your computer (lubuntu), you can find it from the lubuntu start menu > Programming > NetBeans IDE 8.1.

~ happy coding ~

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