Friday, March 6, 2015

How to shutdown Lubuntu from command line

The cool things about linux is that you can do pretty much anything from the command line, including shutting down the computer.

In this article i will show you how to shutdown lubuntu from the command line, and of course this also works on ubuntu.

In case you forget, remember that you can press CTRL + ALT + T on your keyboard to open terminal/console on lubuntu.

There are few commands that we can use to shutdown lubuntu from the command line, the first one is the shutdown command itself, like this:
sudo shutdown -h 
sudo shutdown -H
you can also put "now" as parameter, this will immediately shutdown the computer, like this:
sudo shutdown -h now 
sudo shutdown -H now
You can also use the halt command to turn off/shutdown your computer, like this:
sudo halt
Another command to turn off/shutdown computer is the init 0 command, like this:
sudo init 0
One more command that you can use to turn off/shutdown your computer is the poweroff command, just like this:
sudo poweroff
That's it now you know how to shutdown/turn off your computer from command line, noticed that every command should be run as root (sudo).


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your interesting blog.
    I am stuck at this very problem of shutting down Lubuntu on a Compaq Presario 2100.
    Whatever command I use, I always get the splash screen with the Lubuntu logo, and have to reboot manually:

    sudo init 0
    sudo poweroff
    sudo shutdown -P now

    editing the grub etc file...
    I start getting disapointed by Lubuntu :/

    Any help would be highly welcome,



    1. thanks for visiting my blog :)

      which lubuntu version you are using?
      have you try to run the software update? (maybe they already fix the bug)
      if still not work, you could try the latest lubuntu 15.10 (fresh install)

    2. Hello, thanks for your fast answer.
      I have Lubuntu 15.10
      after having scrolled through dozens of forums, it looks like the solutions above may have a dependancy towards the hardware. Some laptops are fine with these, some not. According to some users, one should adapt the acpi tag in the grub file, but to which value…
      Have a nice week end,