Friday, March 6, 2015

How to install sublime text 2 on Lubuntu

On my older post, i mention about bluefish as text editor for web developer, i realize that bluefish is not the one that i'm looking for.

So i need a better text editor, i started to look at sublime text editor, sublime is very popular text editor for web developers (frontend and backend).

I really love sublime, it makes my work easier and faster, unfortunately it's not free software even on linux, there will be a pop up message to register the software.

Okay, now i'm going to show you how to install sublime text 2 on lubuntu 14.04 trusty, should be work also for other version of lubuntu/ubuntu.

Open up terminal/console on your lubuntu by pressing CTRL + ALT + T and then type this command to add sublime text 2 repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2

And then run the apt-get update command to update your local repository database, like this:

sudo apt-get update

Finally, we can start the installation using apt-get install command:

sudo apt-get install sublime-text

That's it, sublime text 2 should be installed on your computer now, you can find the binary on /opt/sublime_text_2/ directory.

I got one more tips for you, if you are modifying data inside root folder using sublime you will get and error when you try to save you work.

That's because you need to run sublime with root permission, that's why you need to do this if you are editing something inside root (/).

sudo /opt/sublime_text_2/sublime_text

Hope this helps :)

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