Friday, June 6, 2014

Wifi network manager missing on Lubuntu 14.04

If you are using lubuntu 14.04 trusty, you will noticed that the WiFi icon/ network manager is missing.

The WiFi icon / network manager should be on right side of the desktop panel, but instead there is a keyboard icon.

This is a bug on lubuntu 14.04, luckily even without the WiFi icon/ network manager you still can connect to WiFi hotspot manually.

How to manually connect to WiFi hotspot on lubuntu 14.04

To manually connect to the WiFi hotspot, open the network connection settings, start menu > Preferences > Network Connections.

Click the "+ Add" button, and then choose connection type "WiFi" then click the "Create.." button.

Now, you need to fill the SSID or the WiFi hotspot name correctly, then choose the correct security type and fill the correct password, and dont forget to save.

If you done it correctly, then you should be connected to the WiFi hotspot by now, check using ifconfig command from the terminal, the wlan0 should get an ip address.

How to enable the WiFi icon / network manager on lubuntu 14.04?

Go to start menu > Preferences > Default applications for LXSession. And then click on the "Autostart" tab.

On the input field, type "nm-applet" (without quotes) and then press the "+ Add" button.

Now, go ahead reboot/ restart your computer, after reboot you should see the WiFi icon/ network manager.

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