Friday, October 20, 2017

5 reasons why you should not use Lubuntu

5 reasons why you should not use Lubuntu

On previous article i have done 5 reasons why you should use lubuntu, this time i'm going to tell you 5 reasons why somebody should not use lubuntu. Lubuntu is not for everybody, even though most people loves it, there will be some people who will hate it or it's just not suitable for them.

5 reasons why you should not use Lubuntu

1. You have the latest macbook pro

If you have a macbook pro, i don't think you should wipe your hard drive and install lubuntu as your main operating system, it's just not right. You purchase a macbook pro or other mac products because you want to use mac OS, am i right?

2. You have a high end game rig

If you own a high end gaming PC or high end gaming laptop, installing lubuntu as main operating system may not be wise because it's probably not going to optimize your hardware performance. Although for gaming you could install steam on linux but gamers they mostly using windows as their main operating system for gaming.

3. You wan't a fancy desktop

Lubuntu is about simple and minimalist, if what you want is fancy desktop with fancy graphical effect on it, you better not use lubuntu. You might want to look other distro such as kubuntu, opensuse, etc.

4. You are a Mac or Windows fanboy

If you are a mac/apple fanboy or microsoft fanboy, don't even bother using lubuntu, you are not going to like it, you might love it though if you quit become a fanboy.

5. You don't even have a computer

This reason is kinda silly, if you don't even have a computer at all and don't need one, why even bother installing lubuntu? in theory you could go to nearest library, use the computer there and install lubuntu, but that's not even your computer!

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