Friday, June 2, 2017

How to do screencast on Lubuntu

How to do screencast on Lubuntu

Screencast or screen recording is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration. So how to do a screencast on lubuntu desktop?

Obviously you will need to have the software to capture the lubuntu desktop into a video. There is one program that i highly recommend for screencasting and that program is called kazam. Kazam is the best screen recording program i ever use.

How to install kazam on lubuntu 16.04
  • open command line/ terminal (press CTRL + ALT + T)
  • install kazam with this:
  • sudo apt-get install kazam
  • done!

Once installed, you can open kazam from lubuntu start menu > Sound & Video > Kazam.

How to use kazam
Kazam has pretty simple and minimalist user interface, so i think you should not have problem using it. Kazam has two main tabs, screencast and screenshot, if you want to record a movie of your desktop then choose screencast otherwise choose screenshot for capturing image of your desktop.

To start the movie recording, simply press the 'capture' button, very easy isn't it? i'm sure your grandma can do it. Anyway, kazam will be available on indicator panel applet at the bottom right corner of your lubuntu desktop, you can pause or stop the recording from this panel.

By default kazam will output mp4 file and the file will be stored under 'videos' on your home directory. You can change these settings through kazam preferences settings.

Kazam works well on my laptop running lubuntu 16.04, i haven't got any issue yet with this software, it's recording smoothly. So if you are looking for screencast software i highly recommend kazam.

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