Friday, March 3, 2017

Using Synapse on Lubuntu

What is synapse? synapse is a very cool application launcher, i really love it, having synapse on my lubuntu 16.04 makes my life easier, i can launch application from anywhere i want. In this article i will show you how to install synapse on lubuntu and how to use it.

Synapse is more than just application launcher, you can run command line program (in the background), search files, open files, etc. The great thing about synapse is you can run synapse from anywhere, simply press CTRL + SPACE and synapse is ready to go.

I highly recommend for anyone to use synapse, learn how to use it and you will get all the benefit, to install synapse on lubuntu is pretty easy, simply install using apt-get command like this:
sudo apt-get install synapse
Once installed you can find synapse from lubuntu start menu > Accessories > Synapse. You only need to open synapse one time, the next time you want to open synapse simply press CTRL + SPACE on your keyboard.

How to use synapse:
To use synapse all you have to do is press CTRL + SPACE to bring up synapse and then type anything you want, let say you want to open firefox browser, then type 'firefox' if found it will shows the correct icon, then you can hit 'enter' to open the program.

You can call synapse from anywhere you want, just press that CTRL + SPACE to bring up synapse, you can search for GUI and command line program on synapse, you can also search for files.

Synapse comes with several themes that you can choose from the synapse settings, synapse also have plugins which let you do even cooler stuff like do a file operations, access pidgin contact, connect to ssh server and so on.


  1. You say "Synapse comes with several themes that you can choose from the synapse settings" but you do not say how to access those settings. I can't find them!

    1. click at the radio button on the top right corner and then choose preferences