Sunday, November 27, 2016

What to do after installing Lubuntu 16.10

First things to do after installing Lubuntu 16.10 yakkety yak, these are common things that you should do after installing a brand new lubuntu 16.10. You might have spesific program to install for your system such as installing graphic card driver, but that's not included in this article because not everybody should do it.

1. run the update command

Running the update command is probably the first and most logical thing to do after installing a new lubuntu OS.
sudo apt-get update

2. enable canonical partners repository

Enabling the canonical partners repository is crucial for everybody because it opens possibility to install various software that exists on that repo.

To enable canonical partners repo, simply open lubuntu start menu > Preferences > Software & update. And then click on tab 'Other Software', make sure the 'Canonical Partners' option is checked.

3. install restricted-extras package

The restricted-extras package for lubuntu will let you have 3 different things; first is MP3 and other audio codec software to play various audio formats, the second is software to install the Microsoft Web fonts, and the third is Adobe Flash plugin.
sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras

4. install vlc player

sudo apt-get install vlc

5. install google chrome

Download google chrome from the official website here, and then install it.

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