Friday, September 23, 2016

10 Best music player on Lubuntu

There are so many music player program that you can use on lubuntu, but here's my top 10 list best music player application on lubuntu and ubuntu in general.

Note that these are based on my personal experience, you might have different list but that's okay, we may have different opinion, it's natural.

1. Clementine
clementine is probably the one that i use a lot in my daily life to playback my favorite mp3s, it's build using QT framework (C++) so it's light weight but also powerful. The user interface is quite nice you get a nice visual audio graphic thing.

I notice that when moving from one song to another there is a some kind of nice effect, it's hard to explain you just have to try it switch from one song to another, it's cool in my opinion.

Clementine does not come pre-installed on lubuntu, you can install clementine using this command:
sudo apt-get install clementine

2. Audacious
I believe audacious is the default music player on lubuntu 16.04 (and older lubuntu as well), this music player is very simple and minimalist. Since audacious comes with lubuntu installation you don't need to install it.

3. Tomahawk
Tomahawk is a strange name for a music player program, but it is a music player and it has quite nice user interface and you can add plugins which will gives you more advanced features.

Tomahawk does not come with lubuntu, but you can install it with this command:
sudo apt-get install tomahawk

4. LXmusic
LXmusic is the original LXDE music player, but somehow LXmusic does not comes with installation of lubuntu, but instead lubuntu uses audacious, probably because LXmusic is too simple and too minimalist in both user interface and features.

But that doesn't mean this is a bad program, for some people LXmusic is the one to use because it's also minimalist in terms of resource usage (RAM, hard drive space, CPU power, etc). 

You can install LXmusic with this command:
sudo apt-get install lxmusic

5. Rythmbox
Rythmbox is another good music player application that you can have on your lubuntu, correct me if i'm wrong but i think rythmbox is comes with ubuntu installation, but for lubuntu users it doesn't come with your lubuntu so you have to install it.

sudo apt-get install rythmbox

6. Musique
Musique is a nice music player that has a very useful feature which is displaying information about the artist for the song that currently being played, it can also shows lyrics of the song, all you have to do is press the info button while playing songs and make sure you are connected to the internet.

You can install musique with this command:
sudo apt-get install musique

7. Banshee
This is another great music player that you can install on your lubuntu, the style of this app looks similar in terms of user interface with rythmbox in my opinion.

You can install banshee with this command:
sudo apt-get install banshee

8. cmus
cmus is a very unique music player i ever see in my life, simply because most of music player are runs in the graphical mode (GUI), but cmus runs on command line. If you are a command line person you will love cmus.

The down side of cmus is that there are learning curve that you need to do before you can use it, you need to understand all the command to use cmus, but once you learn it you will be happy with this one of the kind music player.

You can install cmus with this command:
sudo apt-get install cmus

9. Amarok
If i'm not wrong, amarok is the default music player for KDE based linux such as kubuntu, but if you want it you can also have amarok on lubuntu, no problem.

You can install amarok with this command:
sudo apt-get install amarok

10. VLC player and Gnome MPlayer
Well number 10 on the list is not really a music player, VLC player and Gnome MPlayer is more like video player, but you can also playback mp3s with it, so you can use it as music player as well.

Gnome MPlayer does comes with installation of lubuntu, but VLC does not, you can install VLC with this command:
sudo apt-get install vlc

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