Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to install VirtualBox on Lubuntu

Virtualbox is one of the most popular software for virtualization, using virtualbox you can have several virtual machine inside your lubuntu.

So for example you want to have windows 7 on your lubuntu, you can use virtualbox to create virtual machine which you can install windows 7.

Basically, virtualbox enables us to run other operating system inside lubuntu (virtually), it can be windows, linux or even mac.

You can install virtualbox using apt-get install command just like installing other software package on lubuntu.

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

Once installed you can find virtualbox on the lubuntu start menu > Accessories > VirtualBox, like this:

How to create virtual machine on lubuntu with virtualbox

Virtualbox is pretty easy to use, let's create a virtual machine, click on the 'New' button, it will trigger create virutal machine dialog.

On the virtual machine dialog, you can choose the operating system for the virtual machine, let's say i want to use windows xp.

Click next, you need to allocate the memory (RAM) for the virtual machine, make sure you don't put too much memory, because it can slow down the host computer.

Next, you need to create virtual hardisk if you don't have one, select 'Create a virtual hard disk now' to create virtual hard disk.

Choose VDI (Virtualbox Disk Image) for hard disk file type, click next and then choose 'Dynamically allocated' to make the virtual hard disk.

Finally on the 'File location and size', just click create to start creating the virtual machine, the virtual machine is ready to be installed with the selected OS.

Once the virtual machine is ready, you can install the operating system on it, to install the OS, you can use disk image of the OS, usually in .ISO format.

You can load the disk image of the OS from the 'Storage' section on virtualbox, click on the optical drive and browse the disk image, and finally run the virtual machine by click on the start button.

The virtual machine will boot the disk image and you can do the OS installation, just like installing OS on real computer.

~ good luck ~

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