Monday, August 31, 2015

XAMPP alternative on Lubuntu

On previous article i talk about xampp, a php development bundle, besides xampp there is another php development bundle which is called ampps.

Ampps is very similar to xampp, while xampp is powered by bitnami, ampps is supported by softaculous.

They both free to download and to use, and they both works well on our favorite linux distro lubuntu, and i think they both equally good.

If you are looking for xampp alternative, then ampps is the perfect one for you, ampps also feature something that xampp not yet have which is mongoDB.

Step by step how to install Ampps on Lubuntu
  • Download ampps installer (.run) from here, choose 32 bit version if you running 32 bit lubuntu or download 64 bit if you running 64 bit lubuntu.
  • Go to ~/Downloads directory (assuming the ammps installer is on that location)
  • cd ~/Downloads
  • Give permission to read and execute to that installer
  • chmod +rx
  • Finally run the ampps installer with root permission
  • sudo ./
  • Wait until it finish installing, and then go to /usr/local/ampps/ directory
  • cd /usr/local/ampps/
  • Run the ampps control center (GUI) with root permission
  • sudo ./Ampps
  • Start the apache and mysql service (the documentation says that to run ampps for the first time requires internet connection)

  • Open web browser and then type 'localhost' or ''
If you go to http://localhost/ampps, you will see the ampps web admin where you can control many things such as installing wordpress and other cms, configure apache, mysql, and many other things.

By default the installation directory of ampps is on /usr/local/ampps/ and the apache home directory is located at /usr/local/ampps/www/, that's where you should put your php,html,css or javascript files.

In my opinion (based on ampps 3.3) ampps comes with very minimum documentation and have more customization options, so it's little bit confusing for beginners compared to xampp for example.

But if you are looking for xampp alternative then ampps is a really great options, you can install them both on the same computer, just don't run them at the same time.

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