Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to play Counter Strike on Lubuntu

Hi guys, welcome back, today i'm going to show you how to install and play counter strike game on lubuntu/ubuntu linux.

As we all know counter strike is a FPS (first person shooter) game originally for windows operating system, so how can we play it on lubuntu/ubuntu?

Do you remember wine? i wrote an article about it a while ago, we could run windows application using wine, and that's what we need to install and play counter strike on lubuntu/ubuntu.

So if you don't have wine on your lubuntu, then you should install it first, after that you can download counter strike installation program (counter-strike.exe).

Put counter-strike.exe somewhere on your home directory, and then give it permission to read and execute, like this:

chmod +rx Counter-Strike.exe

Now you can go ahead run the executable program, double click the Counter-Strike.exe, the installation setup should be pop up and you are good to go.

You should be able to see a bunch of icons on your desktop, double click on Counter Strike WaRzOne to play the game.

Note that you can also play multiplayer LAN game, even with other computer that runs windows operating system, it works, just make sure you are on the same network.

~ enjoy the game ~

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